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Hustler Welsapar
28 Май 2019 г., 17:37

 In his poem “Better Moon”, Mahtumkuli beautifully explains that low-minded, black-hearted, hustler individuals do not deserve big responsibilities in the interest of a nation, by saying “Black bird does not belong to high trees…”. The idea of Mahtumkuli, who repeats that nightingales, not black birds, deserve to whisper on beautiful trees and flowers, is still actual. The behavior of Akmuhammet Welsapar, who could not fulfill his professional responsibilities while in the country and then went abroad to slander his Motherland, hard-working comrades and their national Leader via Internet, reminds the lyric hero of Mahtumkuli Pragy’s words “Black bird does not belong to high trees…”   

 The famous saying “Akmuhammet Welsapar would betray his friends and Motherland, and it is risky and dangerous to work with him or live close to him” was authored by his colleagues when he started to work at the Turkmen TV upon his graduation from Moscow State University named after Lomonosov. In order become a journalist, then a poet, and then a prose writer, Akmuhammet lived with an ambition to create a masterpiece with unheard, untold and unthinkable ideas to make history in Turkmen literature.

 If you are not born with natural talents of writers, poets or journalists, it is impossible to create excellent work though you have graduated from the Moscow State University or even if you have graduated from Cambridge or Oxford universities. Akmuhammet have understood it during the years when he worked in Ashgabat. After his morals showed off his real face, he decided to do what he really wants: disunify his friends, complaining his colleagues whom he does not like to his supervisor, asking money from his relatives in Sakarchage to get them accepted to the universities, enriching his family and entering the world of literature with rich financial background. After he failed to get what he wished for, this long-awaited “talent” decided to create so-called “opposition party” by uniting “resentful” people around himself. But when the “resentful” people surrounding Welsapar learnt that he does not have any skills to found and lead the party, they decided to stay away from him. Welsapar’s low and bad morals not only caused his “colleagues” to cut contacts with him, but also made them leave their intentions to follow “the same idea” with him.     

 After understanding the situation, crafty Welsapar went abroad to the country where no one knows him. And it is where he started to slander his Motherland and its people. One of his former colleagues who worked him at the television used to say that “When corrupt Akmuhammet Welsapar went abroad, we were so grateful, because that is when the unity, collaboration, friendship started to prevail among intellectuals”.

 Akmuhammet’s father and brothers would know him better than anyone else. They used to remind people that Ahmuhammet has been a person with bad morals, villain and coward, bully who thinks of only his own interests and easily defames his friends. They would remember that he never kept promises and always acted with his foxy intuitions.

 At one time, when his wife said to him: “You see what you made to us and to yourself, and how you embarrassed us and people to make people happy”, he responded “Happy days are ahead”. His wife said: “We are now over sixty, will you play the music you learnt after sixty in the grave, Akhommet?!”.   

 Not long after this conversation, Welsapar decided to “open” eyes of people and make an impact through a new way - Internet. But people are like an ocean. They do not even pay an attention to rotten and broken boat. That ocean is playing its own music, but unlucky and broken boat like grief-stricken Welsapar is still living with his own ambitions and hopes.

 It has been years since villain Welsapar left the country. There have been huge works realized in economy, politics, and cultural-humanitarian sphere of Turkmenistan with permanent Neutrality. Major industrial projects have been implemented and the country has now joined the list of countries with developed industries. Our capital Ashgabat is recognized among the most beautiful cities of the world. New cities and villages are built throughout the country. All of them are realized with the hard work of Turkmen people. Being unable to see and feel these efforts, the lost Welsapar looks like being a color blind. Oh, sick-minded Welsapar, stop slandering people and take care of your brain! The intellectual people who hear your opinion clearly understand that your brain has symptoms of Alzheimer and dementia. 

 Oh, Welsapar, Mahtumkuli did not write in vain that black birds do not deserve high trees. We wish your intentions and morals were your friends until the end of your life, oh grief-stricken God-damned, Welsapar! You will not be able to whisper not only on high trees or blooming flowers with nightingales, but even wild grasses or old trees with thorns would reject you.   

 Hustler Welsapar, who is now over sixty, has been able to gain ages, but not the wisdom. Nothing except grave can adjust Welsapar who would even agree to remain hungry once he finds a quarrel. How come a person who has not been able to make his family happy, can bring happiness to people?! He is now on the way of slandering hard-working people to enjoy himself despite his old age. Nobody in Turkmenistan pays attention to his ridiculous speeches. No one cares about his barking. But his still barks like a small dog barking to elephant. Who needs your fake barks, stupid Welsapar!? You had better shut up and mind up your own business! At least go ahead with your profession and try to become a so-called writer, although not a real writer! But people now do not need your nonsense works!

 In order to lead people, you have to live with them together, breath with them together, work together and share your bread with people. But you would never do it! Even black trees and black mountains do not want to have you! If you have not been able to understand it, how would you make others listen to you?!

 Coward men are not only the enemy of God, but also the enemy of their own possessions, morals, and the whole and united Turkmen nation!