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Welsapar – Clown in Shadow
25 Май 2019 г., 19:01

We have watched various spectacles on the Internet from “European Turkmens” who call themselves “opposition”, “activist”, “human rights defender”. I do now know, and no one knows, whether there were financial incentives, award ambitions, or thirst for fame. But the spectacles were nothing more than waste, although there were no environmental consequences. But again, sorry for the World Wide Web.

But the top news came from somewhere else. Akmuhammet Welsapar, who is widely recognized with his nickname Nahal, launched a new performance on his YouTube circus: comedy. Though it is not on the level of Charlie Chaplin, it deserves attention (if offered free). According to several sources, due to the lack of low pay actors, Hollywood companies are now competing among themselves to hire Welsapar for the role of clown. But Welsapar is running for Nobel prize. Unfortunately, the Nobel committee does not have a prize for clown categories.

I am now sorry for Welsapar. Due to my emotional character, I decided to offer free consultation. May be he will give me a share from his income in comedy industry. It is up to him!

First of all, actors with schizophrenia symptoms are not offered a job. So Welsapar should definitely consult a psychiatrist doctor before his performance on YouTube. Second, it is better to run for Hollywood than for Nobel. Clowns also earn enough in the West. Third, who knows, if someone asks a recommendation letter, he should not offer references from his previous colleagues or European friends. It is not easy to find someone who would give a good recommendation for your character and capabilities if you are not welcome anywhere. If it is demanded, Welsapar is used to promote himself with his own letters. Forth, he should patent his YouTube channel (Welsapar Video Entertainment). Otherwise, it would be in vain if it is repeated by someone else. Fifth, he should not voice his political opinions. There is a huge difference between rumors and political opinions in Europe and the United States. It is too late for someone who has not got to understand it for 25 years. Sixth, if he needs a partner, there is also another clown in Canada. There is chemistry between them and they can complete each other. The only difference is that the clown overseas does not run for Nobel.

The advantage of being a clown is that there is no limit, no rules, and no conditions. The more you are laughed at, the better. This job seems too easy for Welsapar on the stage. While Welsapar has such a talent, he should do his best to monetize it. He has not been successful in his own field, and he has not been able to earn money from being a writer. But I am sure he will earn for living with his clown performances. He had better earn something at the end of his life after so many efforts.

Ata Babayev, chief specialist at circus